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Can I use any of these units in my house?
No. EL heaters & boilers are designed specifically for commercial & industrial use only.

What kind of fuel can I burn?
Any oil with a flashpoint of 400 degrees or less, up to 90 weight. #2 heating oil, used motor oils (including synthetic oils), transmission fluids, hydraulic oils, manufacturing oils, gear lubricants, industrial oils, vegetable oils, and diesel fuels are ok. Do not add gasoline, paint thinner, chlorinated solvents or antifreeze to your tank.

How much space will the unit heat?
The model EL140 hot air will heat approximately 3,500 square feet.
The model EL200 hot air will heat approximately 5,000 square feet.
The model EL340 hot air will heat approximately 8,500 square feet.

We have 3 sizes in hot water, EL200B, EL375B, EL500B. These need to be fitted to your exact application – call for details.

Can I install my own unit or do I have to have a professional installation?
Your choice – you can buy from us then make the installation yourself, or hire your own installer or have our experienced installers perform your installation. Always check and follow local building codes.

Is financing available?

Yes. We have lease to own programs, equipment financing programs, and deferred payment programs (ie: buy now and your first payment is due in 90 days).

Does a parts washer clean with water as well as solvents can clean?
Yes! In most cases Cuda aqueous parts washers clean better than solvents. No hazardous solvents, no solvent odor, no solvent residue. Cuda automatic parts washers use pressurized jets of hot water and specialized detergents to deliver cleaning power that is far more efficient than washing parts by hand.

Don’t automatic parts washers cost more than a conventional solvent sink on a drum?
While equipment cost is higher the real savings are in eliminating labor. If you are presently washing parts manually the cost of labor can be staggering. You can start saving today with a Cuda automatic parts washer. You will recoup your investment in no time, by increasing your billable hours, simply load parts, turn on the washer and walk away for 15 to 20 minutes while parts are automatically cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. Return on investment can be as quickly as one year.